Month: February 2015

Our Babies

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Wendell as baby

Applies to Baby Boy AND Baby Girl.

He put his little hand out
And tried to reach my hair;
He smiled as I pulled back
And then he seemed to stare.

I wondered what he’s thinking
In his little mind so pure;
Because in those little eyes,
He had a look so sure!

He smiled again, and I
Picked him up once more…
To cuddle him just like I’d done again that day…
A hundred times before!
©Edna L. Ingram.



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A young boy grew up and left home. When he applied for his
first job, he told the owner of the shop that he would not
work on Sundays, Sunday nights or Wednesday nights, because
he didn’t want to miss ‘church’. The boss said it wouldn’t be
a problem at all.

One Wednesday about closing time, he was in the middle
of a job, and the foreman told him to stay and finish. The young man
told him he couldn’t, but that he would come back and work all
night if need be, but he was not going to miss Bible study.
The foreman got mad and told him to pick up his tools then.
He did and left.

The next morning he didn’t know if he had a job left or not, but
he went on to work. The owner of the shop remembered what
he had told him when he was hired, so he still had his job.
Jesus tell us to “seek first the kingdom of heaven and all these
things will be added unto us…” “All these things” are not
wealth and riches but are the things that we need. (See Matthew 6:33)

Where did this young man get this kind of training and example,
that he had the courage to stand up against this kind of thing?
He got the example from his dad.

At one point in time a man from the next town came and told this
dad that he would like to hire him to do oil well equipment
servicing in Shamrock, Texas during the big oil boom of the 70’s.
The dad was offered $2400.00 per week and that was about 6 times
what he was making per week in his shop, and even more than the
president was making at that time. He turned it down. Why?

Because he would have to be on call 24/7 and could not be sure
he would get to be at the assemblies of the church each time.
Parents are the best source of example for little children
growing up.