Month: September 2012

An Article By Our Grandson

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Last December I was beginning to have back pain and my legs were hurting by the end of a work day.  Each morning I weighed myself and each morning, I could see the number rising on the scale.  I would look in the mirror and could see stretch marks beginning to form where “once upon a time” there was a six-pack.  I had “let myself go.”  It was about a week after my birthday, I had a little cash burning in my pocket, so I decided that I would buy the workout video, P90X. I know you have seen the infomercials for the product, but this is a workout system that you do for 90 days straight and it will change your life.

 I was so excited when the video came in on December 28th that Shanelle and I started it on the 29th.  At first, the workouts were tough.  We had to take breaks and at times felt a little sick after a workout but we always stayed on schedule.  Then we got to where there were a few workouts we didn’t like so we would skip those workouts.  Then it got to where I was busy with youth ministry, insurance, masters classes, family, etc., and what was a daily workout became a 3 day-a-week workout.  Then I decided that I was too busy and had to cut something out of my daily routine.  The first thing I cut out was the P90X workout. 

I worked out for over 50 days straight, then tapered off to every other day, and then stopped altogether.  I had decided that there were too many other things going on in my life that I was too busy to workout, or I just didn’t have enough motivation to work out.

I believe that this correlates well with the Christian walk.  There comes a point in a person’s life that they realize that they aren’t where they need to be when it comes to their relationship with God.  They turn their life around and begin to walk with Him daily.  They work hard with the church and make their church family a priority.  everything else seems to be on the back burner. 

Then as time goes on they begin to not like something, get burned out, get their feelings hurt, or find something “better to do” with their time and energy.  They may begin to forsake the assembly from time to time or only do the Lord’s work when it is convenient or doesn’t conflict with anything else they have going on.  Then as time passes they begin to find any excuse for not coming and fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Christ and doing the work of the Lord.  Pretty soon they abandon the church all together and are so entangled by the worked that they have again “let themselves go”. 

I stopped doing P90X at the end of February. I have  worked out from time to time but because of my lack of dedication, I now weigh more than what I did when I began P90X last December. 

We may be in the same position spiritually.  Maybe we aren’t as committed as we once were, bt we think that because we do attend worship or church activities and work for the Lord when it is convenient that we are as strong as we have every been.  As Christians, do we need to look in the mirror?  Are we committed to what Christ has called us?  Are we making an effort to change our lives to model His, or are we “Letting ourselves go”?

Christ expects so much more out of us.  (Luke 9:23-) Then He said to them all:  “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.”   Just as total commitment to P90X will produce amazing physical results, so total commitment to Christ will produce an amazing body of believers.  -Daniel Ingram




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In 1973 when our United States Supreme Court made the decision that abortion

was ok, a lot of us were simply bowled over and nauseated by that news. 

What were we all doing that the side of the babies was not brought up more?

I always comforted myself with the idea that I was in my rightful place,

doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing…being a full-time homemaker,

wife, and mother to two darling children…( the little babes in the picture

were  ages 17 and 15 in 1973)

but the past few years am finally beginning

to wonder (too late of course)  if there were not more I could

have done besides writing congress a few letters and subscribing

to a few anti-abortion papers. 

May God have mercy on us

and may 2014-16 find our nation finally

looking up to Him for the answers…and may

we listen to Him (His Word)  as He gives the answers.