Month: May 2013

Bruises, hurts and real headaches…and heartaches.

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The above picture is of a bruise I received when I fell with an armload of clothes fresh from the dryer, and couldn’t break my fall.
That may have been a blessing, because at my age if I’d tried to break my fall, I might have ended up with a broken arm or wrist.

It looks like a bad bruise and it is and is lasting more than a week. But the real injury where my head hit the door, is hidden by my bangs and is almost well now. It just caused the blood to pool here and shows up as a bruise.

This reminds me so vividly of the things we do in our lives, the bad decisions and the mistakes we make… and the memory of what we did fades but the effects remain…sometimes even through the generations that follow. It could make for lots of grief and sad situations.
I like what our son gave as advice to underclassmen when he was a senior in high school. “Observe the mistakes of others and learn from them, so you won’t have to make the same ones yourself.” I may have many falls ahead of me, but I hope the mistakes I’ve made in life…do not affect generations after me.


THE POWER OF ONE: From Bulletin Digest Publication

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William Crawford is still pretty put out with his two sons. He was running to retain his seat on the central committee of the Erie County, Ohio Democratic Party in July. He and his challenger, David Giese, got exactly the same number of votes…43 each.
Now here’s the hang-up. Crawford has two sons, both eligible to vote for their dad. But they didn’t bother to cast a ballot. Andy is a college student who lives at home with mom and dad, and Jim lives just across the street from the family home. They simply chose to skip the election. Who knows why?

When you think about it it’s not really that big of a deal. The fate of the republic is not at stake. But it does illustrate the fact that we complicate our own lives and those of others by becoming disconnected and careless.

Apathy is a terrible thing. I guess Jim and Andy had no idea they would put their father’s position in jeopardy by failing to show up and vote. I’m sure there was no conspiracy to take down their father. It was simple negligence fostered by the common idea that one person just doesn’t make all that much difference.

I wonder if Eve thought that? Aren’t you glad Noah didn’t reason that way? What about Jesus? When Paul left Jerusalem to evangelize the Gentile world, did his efforts make a difference?

I know that the phrase “make a difference” is so cliché these days, but you will almost surely have a decision to make today that may seem small or inconsequential to you; but may have long-term, even eternal consequences that will affect you and other people. Don’t see yourself and your influence short.

Some time ago, I heard an old preacher say this: It’s kinda silly, but it has some truth: “God has cast His vote for you to be saved and to live in righteousness, joy and peace. The devil has voted for you to share hell with him forever. It’s a tie. And you will cast the vote that decides the election! Think about the choices you make today. -Charles North
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Maybe some of us could learn from the animals….

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One time while driving into the next shopping town from us, Bobby saw about 9 baby calves being watched by two mama cows, while the other mama cows were out eating grass (within sight of their babies.) I wanted a picture of that and took my camera along the next few times but failed to catch the time of day they did it. We could never get a picture.

Today while driving about 4 miles from home, we saw a sight like it again, only not that many calves. Bobby drove back home and we got our camera and went back and took this picture. I love it! The other mama cows (you can see one of them) were in close range where they could see their babies.

It made us note the difference between animals and their young and modern day parents; (modern…as in the past 60 years or so.) who leave their babies and little children all day long with someone else…and they are NOT within sight of their babies. Maybe we could learn from them.

A lot of parents that we know, lately are leaving good jobs and benefits to stay home and be full time mothers. We are very proud of them and they will be blessed abundantly for putting family first.