Month: June 2013

The earth: Terrestrial Planet

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002Scientists, archeologists, astronomers and such like, try to educate us about the earth’s layers and the age of the fossils and such, but have you ever thought about where they learned what this terrestrial ball that we live on is called?

Just where did they learn that it is called ‘Earth’? The oldest and only authority in all the earth is God’s Word. The first 5 books of the Bible were penned by Moses and inspired by God Himself!

In Genesis, the land where He created and placed man, He named it ‘Earth’. Then man comes along later and deems himself so smart, he tries to tell us that the earth is older than it is.

He had to get the idea that it is called ‘Earth’ from the Bible. There is no other authority for it. The smart men could also learn from the Bible, the approximate age of the earth if they would look up the generations and add them up. It isn’t too hard to do…and they would not come up with millions of years…not even hundreds of thousands of years. It is just a few thousand…not much over 6,000. But then they would be forced to admit there really is a God.

Strange indeed are the thoughts of men!


A seemingly good thing that turned into disaster?

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This is a portion of our garden…the cucumbers on the left of cattle panel…tomatoes inside cattle panel. Bobby had it all hoed out clean before the rains and before it gets dry enough to hoe out again, this is what it looks like. The weeds? Wild morning glory. The amount of seeds from them? Trillions and Trillions! The chances of getting rid of them….Zero! Actually it started out with good intentions. Bobby pulled them up until he got tired of doing so and then he decided they might be a good grow up over the cattle panels and shade the tomatoes. That would have been great…if it were not for all those seeds!

This is a parallel to our government and our nation at the present time. Some ideas might have started out as a good thing…but now it is corrupt with bad seed. The chances of it getting better in the next three generations? You be the judge.