Month: November 2012


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A Conversation in a Bible Class several years ago.

(The names are changed to protect the innocent.) 

After our Bible lesson, we were playing Bible bingo and when the kids got three in a row they got to tell something about each of the three Bible characters.  There were only two in the class that night.

“Jake” knew nearly all of them.  “Barbie” knew none of them, but she had a good attitude about it and she was really enjoying the game.

I said, “Barbie, Jake and I have been studying these for about 6 months now.  When you have been coming a while, you will know them too.”  Then she said something very heart-warming. She smiled and said, “He’s lucky!”

And I thought, “Yes! He is lucky! He has parents who bring him to every service, even when on vacation or camping, and they also teach him at home…and it is very evident that they are instilling in him a love for God and His Word and teaching him to let nothing come before God in his life. “

There have been many children who have come through these Bible classes through the years…and some, later departed from Biblical teachings, but some also remained faithful.  The above example is the key…their parents teaching by word and example.  What a joy it is to teach little children!