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God’s Word or Commentaries of Men?

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A newspaper made a typo in the name of a town where a catastrophe happened. It caused a lot of concern to the people who lived near that town. The newspaper kept on with the same mistake, by copying from their own press clipping instead of going to the original. Finally they corrected the name of the town which was about 200 miles away from the one in their news article.

That is the way we treat the Bible when we go by the commentaries of men and do not go to the true source. And sometimes we believe something that is not right…and keep depending on our own press clipping instead of looking up the true source (God’s Word).

Commentaries can be good and useful if we use them as a commentary, but if we salute them as God’s Word…(It is so easy to think we read something in the Bible when we didn’t)….We can read them more than we read God’s Word and depend on them…and if we do this…they can be disasterous to our faith and to the faith of others.






Mr. Meant-To Poem

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Mr Meant-to has a comrade,
And his name is Didn’t-do;
Have you ever chanced to meet them?
Did they ever call on you?

These two fellows live together
In the house of Never-win,
And I’m told that it is haunted,
By the ghost of Might-have-been.


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Too many of us, instead of looking to the future, see only the present.  In the church we are now losing about 80 % of our own children when they grow up.  In our children we sometimes fail to visualize them as they will be when grown up and maybe we neglect to pray for them in that respect.  All we can see now are the many joys they bring but also the problems that test our patience in the present time.

If we could only visualize them as grown-ups, as they will all too soon be…and see them in our mind’s eye as fine young Christians maturing in the faith, then maybe we would realize that we are pressing toward a worthwhile goal, instead of seeing only the steps to that goal.  We should never let the steps toward a goal loom so large in our minds that they become more important than the goal  itself.

Think of your little boy when in his later years after you are already gone on…as his life draws to a close and this poem could be written to describe him.  Would it be worth it to you to set your goals and work towards them today?   -Edna L. Ingram


His suffering ended with the day; yet he lived at its close,

And breathed the long, long night away, in statue-like repost.

But when the sun in all his state illumed the eastern skies,

He passed through Glory’s morning, gate and walked in Paradise!

-Poem by James Aldrich



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Why I prefer the NIV (the 1982-1984 copies, not the newest translation)  over the NKJV and the KJV.  One example: In Psalm 119:86-88 the NKJV and KJV use poor grammar.  The noun and pronoun do not match. It sounds like in both, that God’s commandments are what is persecuting David. The NIV makes it clearer. You can get what it is saying by reading the Scriptures above…but in a sentence the noun and pronoun need to match. Some mistakenly think some English translations are a word for word translation. None of them are.  The English language many times does not have one single word for the Hebrew, Latin and Greek languages.  It takes several words at times to say the same thing.

“All Your commandments are faithful; They persecute me wrongfully; Help me! They almost made an end of me on earth, But I did not forsake Your precepts. Revive me according to Your lovingkindness, So that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth.”  Psalms 119:86-88  NKJV

All thy commandments are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me.  They had almost consumed me upon earth; but I forsook not Thy precepts.  Quicken me after Thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep the testimony of Thy mouth. Psalm 119: 86-88  (KJV)

All your commands are trustworthy; help me, for I am being persecuted without cause.  They almost wiped me from the earth, but I have not forsaken your precepts.  In your unfailing love preserve my life, that I may obey the statutes of your mouth.  Psalm 119:86-88 (NIV)