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Wapanucka church of Christ bulletin, 2008
In Romans 7: 14-25, Paul discusses his own personal battle between the flesh and the spirit.  Paul begins in verse 14 by acknowledging that he is unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin.  In verse 15, he states, I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do.  In verse 18-19 Paul admits, I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature.  For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do…this I keep on doing.
Can you relate to what Paul is saying?  I can.  I don’t know of a passage of…

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While our two children were small…ages five and three, we and a group of our Christian friends decided to sponsor a group of children from a children’s home in Texas.  Most of the children in this home were not orphans in the true sense of the word.  Some of them had a mom or dad but who were just not responsible to care for them or they had health problems to the extent they could not care for themselves, much less their offspring.  On holidays and two weeks during the summer, the group kept up to as many as twenty-one children at times.

Some of the families had children of their own who became very jealous and resentful of the children from the home.  Our children didn’t…and in fact really enjoyed the ones we kept and grew so close to them over the years that we are still close after they all grew up. It is a life time relationship and I think I have the key to this: The families who had problems with the children quit keeping them during the summer and holidays because their kids resented them.  The parents had tried to make them such a part of the family for that weekend or two weeks that they neglected the attention and affection of their own to some extent. 

It is folly to sense that in order to love someone enough you have to love another less or ignore them more.  By trying to make them a part of the family to the extent that they neglected and created resentment in their own children, defeated their intentions, because in return the visiting children felt more than ever like outsiders.  So no one won in this situation.  

REDEMPTION, By Wendell Ingram

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sunset at sardis lake

REDEMPTION: This is one word that is used to describe the precious gift that we have received through Christ Jesus. Other words that are used to describe this gift are: salvation, reconciliation, sanctification, eternal life, justification. These words are used in the Scripture to help us understand what God has done for us through His Son Jesus.

Other words are used to describe the horrible state from which one in Christ has been delivered: condemnation, damnation, lost, destruction, alienated, perishing, etc. As we come to understand the meaning of these words that describe our condition outside of Christ and as we come to understand the meaning of the words which describe the gift that we have in Christ, it is then that we really begin to understand just how precious this gift really is.

Redemption is so precious that God was willing to give his only begotten Son to provide…

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God’s Word or Commentaries of Men?

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Bible pict

A newspaper made a typo in the name of a town where a catastrophe happened. It caused a lot of concern to the people who lived near that town. The newspaper kept on with the same mistake, by copying from their own press clipping instead of going to the original. Finally they corrected the name of the town which was about 200 miles away from the one in their news article.

That is the way we treat the Bible when we go by the commentaries of men and do not go to the true source. And sometimes we believe something that is not right…and keep depending on our own press clipping instead of looking up the true source (God’s Word).

Commentaries can be good and useful if we use them as a commentary, but if we salute them as God’s Word…(It is so easy to think we read something in the Bible when we didn’t)….We can read them more than we read God’s Word and depend on them…and if we do this…they can be disasterous to our faith and to the faith of others.





Mr. Meant-To Poem

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Mr Meant-to has a comrade,
And his name is Didn’t-do;
Have you ever chanced to meet them?
Did they ever call on you?

These two fellows live together
In the house of Never-win,
And I’m told that it is haunted,
By the ghost of Might-have-been.


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Too many of us, instead of looking to the future, see only the present.  In our own children we sometimes fail to visualize them as they will be when grown up.  All we can see now are the many joys they bring but also the problems that test our patience in the present time.

If we could only visualize them as grown-ups, as they will all too soon be…and see them in our mind’s eye as fine young Christians maturing in the faith, then maybe we would realize that we are pressing toward a worthwhile goal, instead of seeing only the steps to that goal.  We should never let the steps toward a goal loom so large in our minds that they become more important than the goal  itself.

Think of your little boy when in his later years after you are already gone on….as his life is draws to a close and this poem could be written to describe him.  Would it be worth it to you to set your goals and work towards them today?


His suffering ended with the day; yet he lived at its close,

And breathed the long, long night away, in statue-like repost.

But when the sun in all his state illumed the eastern skies,

He passed through Glory’s morning, gate and walked in Paradise!

-Poem by James Aldrich

-Article by a concerned Christian