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The Jewish historian, Josephus recorded an interesting speech made by King Agrippa (the Agrippa we read about in Acts 26) to the Jews, trying to discourage them from going to war with Rome. Many Jews were promoting war, desiring to regain their liberty and to drive out the Romans who had occupied their nation and oppressed their people for almost 100 year.

King Agrippa addressed their desire for liberty with these words. However, as to the desire of recovering your liberty, it is unseasonable to indulge it so late; whereas you ought to have labored earnestly in old time that you might never have lost it;… Agrippa’s message to the Jews was that it would have been better to have made every effort to maintain their liberty than to seek to regain it after it has been lost.

Agrippa explains that the Jewish nation was in a much better position, both financially and in military strength, to repel the Romans when Pompey invaded their land with a small army a century earlier. But the Jewish leaders of that day had compromised and surrendered to Roman occupation and any effort now to regain their liberty would be futile because they were much weaker and would be facing the full military power of the Roman empire. 

This statement that comes to us from antiquity holds wisdom that we, as Americans, should seriously consider. Our nation was founded on the principles of freedom set forth in God’s Word and we have enjoyed these blessings of freedom for many generations. But a powerful and destructive force has risen up in the world that threatens the freedom of any nation who surrenders to it.

The force of which I am speaking is not an oppressive nation with a standing army but is the destructive and enslaving philosophy of socialism. The foundational principles of socialism are “collective ownership” and “collective responsibility”. These principles of socialism are directly opposed to the principles of “individual ownership” and “individual responsibility” set for in God’s Word which, when applied, produce the righteousness, freedom and prosperity that exalt a nation. Many nations in our day and throughout history have fallen prey to the destructive forces of socialism, oppressing their people, and robbing them of their independence and freedom. 

This destructive force known as socialism invaded our nation almost a century ago and, while it did not take our nation in a revolution as it did with Russia and other nations, we have been incrementally adopting the principles of socialism as we have been incrementally rejecting the time tested principles from God’s Word that produced our liberty and exalted our nation.

So gradually has this destructive force permeated our society that many do not even realize what is happening. We have surrendered our individual responsibilities to the government (the collective) in the areas of education, labor, child-care, caring for the poor, caring for the elderly, retirement, and now, health care. Socialism is becoming the predominate philosophy in our nation and we must all understand that as we relinquish our individual responsibilities, we are relinquishing our individual freedoms as well. History has revealed time and again that socialism always reduces a society to dependency and servitude and ultimately results in social and economic collapse. At some point our nation will reach the point of no return, being forced to surrender all of our individual responsibilities to the collective responsibility of the government, and in doing so, we will surrender all of our individual liberties as well!

Having enjoyed freedom for several generations it is so easy for us to take this precious blessing for granted. But if we truly cherish liberty, would it not be prudent to make a united stand against the enslaving principles of socialism while we still possess our liberties? If we wait until our society has been completely engulfed and enslaved by socialism we may find ourselves in the same situation as the Jews—having an “unseasonable” desire for liberty and making frantic but futile efforts to regain the precious freedoms that we have lost. Think about it!      -Wendell Ingram

You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.

I Corinthians 7:23