Hello, my name is Edna and I live in Oklahoma. I am the wife of Bobby, and we have 2 lovely children and 3 grands and a couple of greats…okay one isn’t here yet, but is due today…whether she gets here today is yet to know…but maybe I’ll have to update this portion of “About”.  Hope you enjoy my blog…it is about as follows:

I believe that as the home goes, so goes the nation. The posts on this blog will be mostly on the home and children…families.  A sobering thought:  Your children will grow up like you train them…whether for good or for bad….through example (whether good, bad or mediocre)  and word….especially through example.
Note: July 13, 2013 We now have four little great grandchildren. Our beautiful tribe is increasing and we are where we are today by the love and grace of God.