Month: November 2015

Thanksgiving Prayer

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Dear Lord, Thank you for this Thanksgiving week and all the days that should be filled with thanks to You.  Help us all that are living on this day to be thankful for the freedoms and morality that our nation of people have remaining…and help us to strengthen what little remains. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



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 Little children
They are so sweet!
You say you have one?
That is so neat!

They run and play
And spend their day;
With lots of love
In their smiling way.

But someday yonder
There will be tears
When they reach
Their adult years.

 Because someday yonder
They will be gone;
Wandering away…
From their first earthly home.

There’s just one thing
That you should know
Have you thought
About their soul?

©Edna L. Ingram (Written on 11/23/1015)