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In 1973 when our United States Supreme Court made the decision that abortion

was ok, a lot of us were simply bowled over and nauseated by that news. 

What were we all doing that the side of the babies was not brought up more?

I always comforted myself with the idea that I was in my rightful place,

doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing…being a full-time homemaker,

wife, and mother to two darling children…( the little babes in the picture

were  ages 17 and 15 in 1973)

but the past few years am finally beginning

to wonder (too late of course)  if there were not more I could

have done besides writing congress a few letters and subscribing

to a few anti-abortion papers. 

May God have mercy on us

and may 2014-16 find our nation finally

looking up to Him for the answers…and may

we listen to Him…

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