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When Peter wanted to walk on the water like Jesus did,
Jesus gave him permission by saying, “Come.”

What if Peter had walked all the way to Jesus on the water and
then back to the boat with Him? What joy! But instead
we have the story of Peter’s lack of faith.

Sometimes we have a little “Lack of faith” also. What
causes it in us? A lack of study of His word, because we
read in Romans 10:17 that…”Faith comes by hearing and
hearing by the Word of God.”

But Peter grew in his faith to the point that he, according
to history, laid down his life for the cause of Christ. In fact so did
all the apostles die by persecution, except for John who wrote

the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. If we study God’s

Word, we will grow in our faith too and be less likely to lose it.

What if we walk with Jesus while on earth…and then all the way
to heaven with Him? What joy! We can if we will.   Edna L. Ingram



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