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Have you ever eaten an icicle when you were a child? We did. We broke them off the house and enjoyed eating them when they are clear as crystal. Sometimes though, they had been made with muddy water, like forming off the running boards of cars, and muddy ones are not very good to eat.

Kenny Ray had a great devo tonight about icicles and he built his devotional around how icicles AND our influence on others is built drop by drop…a little at a time.

I also want to consider influence and how it affects our little ones day by day and drop by drop…as they are growing up. I’d never thought of an icicle in comparison. Thank you Bro Kenny for a great devo and encouragement. It takes approximately 18 years to form a child into an adult person…and each day we are either a good influence on them or a bad influence.

Day by day and drop by drop, we are either influencing them to be good moral people and faithful followers of God or we are just letting any kind of environment form them. We certainly don’t want that icicle of life to be formed with muddy water.

We need to train them to be compassionate. When they have to be punished for some infraction and then want and need to be held we should not withhold that from them. That is showing their ‘repentance’ and when we reject that, we are not like our God. When they reach their little arms up to us, we should immediately accept them. That is how God treats us also when we repent. When they offer an apology and say they are sorry…we should accept it and not say, “Well you should be sorry!” How sad when that happens.

Training them happens gradually…whether we are doing a good job or a bad one for them…so gradually that we may not see the evidence until it is too late, but also so gradually that we can change and start doing things right and influencing them better. And we know they are going to grow into adults whether we do our job or fail at it. We need to be thoughtful and caring parents in order to form them into what God wants.


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