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Jesus in our circle

I had an article in mind to put on here with this same picture, but this picture is so dim that you can barely see “Jesus” in the middle circle, and it reminded me of something else.

Can others see Christ in me? Or have I made Him so dim in my life that He is hardly noticeable? It’s easy sitting in the church building when we are participating in worship of Him and listening attentively to the teaching of God’s Word. But out in the world on Monday morning and the rest of the week, what do people see? Am I quick to lose my temper and/or to hurt people with my words and actions. Am I trying to be LIKE Him? Is it plain to others that Christ is first in my life? Or do I forget about Him during the week…and then make my usual trek to the church building on Sunday morning, thinking all the time that I’m ok.


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