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I like putting jigsaw puzzles together. It’s fun to see the picture develop as you work on it. But, have you ever been working on one and wind up discovering that one or two pieces are missing? Of course you can see what the picture is supposed to be but when you look at it there are those empty holes just glaring at you.

The church family is that way. We can see what the church is supposed to look like and, for the most part, it functions okay. But you just can’t help but notice when there are some pieces missing. Where do they go? How do pieces become lost or missing?

Some pieces get lost by neglect. We aren’t careful with the puzzle and maybe a piece gets knocked off the table. That can happen with people too. We can’t afford to neglect any of the pieces if we want a complete picture and we cannot neglect one another if we want to see the church complete.

Some pieces might be withheld by someone trying to keep you from completing your puzzle…as a joke or maybe in a spiteful way. Either way, it prevents completion of the picture as it is intended. And people see the holes,. Those holes are evident in the church too, when pieces are held back. Don’t hold your piece back.

What is your piece? Where is your piece? God has placed each of us in the church as a piece of the whole so we can grow together. (1 Corinthians 12:18) Each of us is a piece of the church. As we each put our pieces together, we present the picture of the church as God intends.
By Tony Lalli, Dewey, OK church of Christ bulletin


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