Bruises, hurts and real headaches…and heartaches.

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The above picture is of a bruise I received when I fell with an armload of clothes fresh from the dryer, and couldn’t break my fall.
That may have been a blessing, because at my age if I’d tried to break my fall, I might have ended up with a broken arm or wrist.

It looks like a bad bruise and it is and is lasting more than a week. But the real injury where my head hit the door, is hidden by my bangs and is almost well now. It just caused the blood to pool here and shows up as a bruise.

This reminds me so vividly of the things we do in our lives, the bad decisions and the mistakes we make… and the memory of what we did fades but the effects remain…sometimes even through the generations that follow. It could make for lots of grief and sad situations.
I like what our son gave as advice to underclassmen when he was a senior in high school. “Observe the mistakes of others and learn from them, so you won’t have to make the same ones yourself.” I may have many falls ahead of me, but I hope the mistakes I’ve made in life…do not affect generations after me.


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