Highighting christ or oblitering him

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There is a convenient Bible highlight marking system that is really great for helping you find topics in your Bible. It is taught in a class format and the name of it is Sharpening The Sword. The system uses different color highlights for different topics, such as blue for salvation, green for judgment, red for sin, etc. But I started thinking about it this morning and just wondered if sometimes we don’t get our highlighters mixed up with just plain old markers.

If our example is not pure we are not highlighting Christ. Instead, we are obliterating Him.
There are many ways to spiritually “pick up the wrong pen” and mark Him out instead of showing Him in our lives…forsaking the assembly when the saints meet, not reading and studying the Bible in private times (we may be the only one who knows this)  not fellow-shipping with the church at every opportunity, not being a pure example in word and action.

Yes, there’s a big difference in high-lighting pens and plain old markers…hopefully they are not ‘permanent markers’  though, and we will come back to Him for forgiveness.      

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