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Chapter One

The concept of  “‘IT TAKES A VILLAGE’  TO RAISE A CHILD,”   may have merit if you are talking about ‘The Butcher, The Baker and The Candlestick Maker’ being good moral examples in honesty and integrity, as they deal with our children and serve our communities.  Everyone, young or old needs good examples set before them each day of their lives.

If a child though, does not have these examples in others outside the circle of his family…parents can still train them up right, to be good upstanding moral citizens.  So…in essence, it does not take a village…it takes good parents!

Noah’s sons in the book of Genesis in the Bible did not have one good example outside of their immediate family, yet evidently they were trained up by Noah and his wife to be righteous and to be helpers in whatever their father had need of them.

Governments and communities are not commissioned by God to be in the child-rearing business.  God places this responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the parents.  In Psalm 68:6, we read that “God sets the solitaire in families.”  The communal concept of child-rearing has no place in God’s plans for our families.

When a child in a community goes astray, people do not blame the community or the school or the United States Government.  Sometimes they do not even blame the parents, but it is always a reflection on the parents, not the community.  Parents are responsible for the way their children turn out.

Can you imagine the hilarity of blaming the government?  Just who in the government would take responsibility?  Can you pin one person down or any two people, and say, “You are to blame”?   What about a community or village? Who would have to bear the responsibility?   The mayor?  Judge?  Trash Collector?  Would anyone in “The Village” take the blame?  If no one is responsible, no one has to care very much! The old adage, ‘Everybody’s business is nobody’s business’ would certainly hold true in the area of child-rearing.   

©Edna L. Ingram      …..To be continued…..




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