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Edward, Maxine and Edna Scott, Spring of 1941, ages 3, 5 and 8.

In October that same year our mother passed away.


I was four years old and had stepped on an airplane that my 9 year

old brother had made. He left an exposed nail in it. My foot was fine

until it got infected and swollen.

My daddy decided I needed to see a dr so he and my uncle took me

one morning. We were sitting in the waiting room waiting on our name

to be called and my daddy decided he had some business to take

care of. So he left me with my uncle.

When my name was called, we went in and the doctor showed me

a pretty jar with some pretty colored sharp-pointed sticks. He told

me to choose my favorite color. I remember so well choosing pink.

Well… he took that pretty pink stick and stuck it in my already sore

and swollen and infected foot. I screamed!!!!

With all my sweet daddy’s attention when we got home, that incident

was placed in the back of my mind…until I was grown with little ones

of my own….then I understood why my Daddy deserted me that one

and only time in my life!  Other business, my eye!   lol lol




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