Memorial Day Can Bring Sad Memories:

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Civil War Battle Ground in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Memorial Day brings back such sad memories for most of us. Bobby’s grandfather served in the Civil War and was a prisoner of war. He survived and lived to raise eleven children.

Bobby’s Dad, Allen Grady Ingram

Bobby’s Dad served in World War 1. Bobby’s family lost a cousin, Jonah Ingram, in World War II. His brother, Leroy was a prisoner of war in the same war. He wrote a letter back to his parents in Lorenzo, Tx to let them know he was ok. Many of his family since then, including himself, have served our country in various depts of the military.

My Dad was probably not the right age during World War II but even if he had been, he had 3 little ones to raise by himself after our mother died in 1941, so he wouldn’t have been called anyway.

I lost an uncle (by marriage) Tony Clevenger in the Korean War. He came to see us in 1950 and that was the last time we saw him. He was missing in action several years before we knew he had died. His son, Robert Michael (Clevenger) Crosby (adopted by his stepdad)  served in the Vietnam War. He saw the enemy flying overhead one night and he was quite a ways from his buddies. He knew the enemy was looking for their camp, and he lit a torch to defray them from his buddies and lost his life immediately. He was a Christian and he knew some of his buddies were not.  The last time I saw him was when he was 2 years old…a little red-haired toddler. His mother told me his army history and she is rightfully proud of him!

Many others today are serving their country too…in an un-military way, since we haven’t had the draft in the past few years. They are living a good life and raising good citizens for our country.  This is serving our country as just as surely as the military…but we are so proud and appreciate so much, the ones who volunteer to protect our freedoms today!  Thanks to the ones who choose to not go…and to the ones who do.


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