My Likes and Loves

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1. I love the changing seasons.
2. I like to take day trips.
3. My favorite novel is: Spring Came On Forever, by Bess Streeter Aldrich.
4. My favorite hobby is writing.
5. I have three grandchildren.
6. We have a little dog that was a stray.
7. We have a cockatiel 7 years old.
8. My kids and our three grandchildren and I attended the same grade school and high school.
9. My kids and I and two of our grandchildren attended the same college.
10. My DH is my best friend on this earth.
11. My DH is the second best person to ever walk on this earth.
12. I love to write with sharp pencils.
13. I wish my floppy disks and CD’s were organized.
14. I wish all the papers I want to keep were organized.
15. I have too many home jobs that do with papers and writing.
16. I haven’t actually balanced our checkbook in 6 months.
17. I trust our bank.
18. My DH is more organized…but he loves me anyway!
19. I love, love, love little babies.
20. I adore my children.
21. I adore our three grandchildren, ages 20,21 and 23.
22. I adore my Daughter-in-love.
23. My dil and son’s wedding was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.
24. I believe marriage is until death.
25. My DH wrote a song called “Brown Eyes”.
26. When we married, he changed it to “Gray Eyes”.
27. I have gray eyes.
28. Happiness is caring for others.
29. I love leaves on the lawn in autumn. That is where I like to leave them, until they get too deep and look trashy.
30. Peonies are my favorite flowers.
31. Wearing the color ‘yellow’ makes me feel happy.
32. I like to fly kites.
33. I love birds.
34. I think birds are some of God’s most wonderful creatures.
35. I love to gaze into the sky at night.
36. We gave our children good roots.
37. It was harder to give them wings.
38. I don’t believe in cutting the apron strings.
39. I believe in gently untying them.
40. I love my blog acquaintances…but I don’t really like blogging.
41. I would rather journal on paper.
42. I do not look my age. (guess) heh heh  Younger of course!
43. I love digital cameras.
44. I am happy with what I have done with my life.
45. I am happy with my friends and family.
46. The ones who have made us sad…are not coming around much these days. This is good!
47. I wonder why we don’t get much wiser with age.
48. I also wonder why some people are crude and others are mild in this same wonderful world.
49. I wonder why people use nasty words.
50. I had a wonderful M-I-L.
51. My DH is her most wonderful child.
52. I feel really special that he wanted to marry me.
53. I have a brother and sister.
54. We were raised by our dad alone.
55. Our mother died at age 28, when I was three.
56. We live in a small peaceful town.
57. I live across the street from where we raised our children…. in the same block I lived at age 5.
58. I live now, in the next block from when I was five years old.
59. We lived in the same block for 25 years that I lived in at age 5.
60. We married and lived in Texas for four years before we came back “home”.
61. I hope we never have to move again… Because the next place I would want to move to is Heaven.
62. Several dear to me are already there.
63. I don’t think heaven can be described in a way that mortal minds can perceive.
64. The only way we can know there is a heaven is through the Bible.
65. The only way we can GET to heaven is through the Bible.
66. My favorite colors are shades of green.
67. I also like sky blue.
68. The most important and handiest thing I learned in high school is typing.
69. I love to be around people who don’t use bad language and curse.
70. I love to be around ‘refined’ people…not arrogant, but refined as in..not crude.(Like above)
71. I love the United States of America.
72. I love ordering books on the internet.
73. Friends are not necessarily the ones who help you…but they are the ones who will allow you to help them.
74. My favorite role model is Jesus Christ.
75. My next one is Bobby Ingram.
76. I like to freeze Boost High Protein chocolate and drink it through a big straw…delicious!
77. I don’t think a ringing telephone always has to be answered. my Dh thinks it does…
78. I think duct tape is one of the most wonderful inventions of all time.
79. I think people who don’t believe there is a God had better hope they’re right.
80. God doesn’t send anyone to hell…we send ourselves.
81. We make our own decisions and choose our own lifestyles.
82. Some people make wrong decisions their whole life time.
83. I think that is pitifully sad.
84. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because of their failure to repent.
85. I believe that prayer is one of our most powerful tools in this world.
86. I love the storyline that goes through the whole Bible.
87. The gist of it is all about love.
88. I think that a King dying for His subjects is absolutely the greatest kind of love.
89. We read stories when we were growing up about subjects dying for their king, but the Bible storyline is unique, true and truly awesome!
90. I love springtime when it is planting time.
91. I love snowy days when we can’t go anywhere.
92. Snowy days are made for little children and making cookies or dough-nuts.
93. I think a family sitting around playing games together at evening is a beautiful sight!
94. Actually, I think a family doing anything together is a beautiful sight!
95. I love the changing of the seasons.
96. I think I’m boring everyone who reads this. (Grin)

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