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Wendell and Cara Lynn Ingram, ages 3 and 16 months. 


The story is told of a missionary family in China who was forced to leave after the Communists took control. Soldiers came to their home and gave them two hours to prepare to leave. They would be permitted to take only two hundred pounds of their belongings. The family hurriedly sorted through their personal belongs trying to decide what to take and what to leave. They each took a minimum of clothing, a couple of precious family heirlooms and a few books which all together weighed within the two hundred pound limit. After two hours had passed, the soldiers returned to escort the family to the train station.

“Have you weighed your belongings?”  They asked.   “Yes, two hundred pounds exactly,” the missionary replied.  “Did you weigh your children?”  The soldiers asked.   “Um….No.”  Replied the missionary.  “Weigh the children.”   The soldier replied.

In an instant, the material possessions that they had agonized over for the last two hours became trash. These material possessions meant nothing compared to the value of their children.

No loving parent would view their children as less valuable than material possessions. Yet, many parents in our society and even within the church, leave their young children with baby sitters and day care centers, and leave their older children at home alone, as they spend their time pursuing and accumulating the material things of this life. Satan has convinced us that we need to work diligently to give our children all the things our society says are important.

We have forgotten the words of Jesus in Luke 12:15, Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. Satan has offered our society great wealth and prosperity if we will just spend more time on the job making money and lest time with our children doing our job as parents. Have we ever stopped to ask what it is costing us? It is costing us our children!

The children of our society are being lost to drugs, alcohol, violence, crime, sexual immorality, excessive debt, poverty and a host of other social woes because many of the parents of our society are neglecting their parental responsibilities in order to pursue and accumulate the material things of this life.

I want to encourage you as a parent. Weigh the children!

©Wendell Ingram


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