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A few years ago a former classmate came to  visit us and one of the first things he said after we had greeted each other…before he even sat down, was:  “I didn’t graduate from high school.  I quit school in the tenth grade and joined the Navy…but I am a success!”

I thought to myself, “Okay, but why do you feel so urgently, the need to tell us that?”

He stayed and visited with us about an hour and a half and while our eyes glazed over, he talked about his various accomplishments in life…how he came to be a success…how he taught aviation classes to potential pilots (In a lesser know airline company than American or TWA, because he didn’t have a high school diploma.

He told us how he was rated a great aviation teacher because his students were more apt to pass the tests than any other aviation teacher’s students, how he made a lot of money…and he went on to tell how his son went bad  (i.e., got on drugs, became a thief,   (his own words)  and was arrested at the ripe old age of twelve.)  By the time he had gotten to the latter, I was seriously questioning the former.

Isn’t this a vivid picture of what is wrong in families today?  Our definition of success is all twisted up in our minds. 

For the sake of our children though, we need to get it straight and maybe…* we just need to be content with a smaller loaf of bread! *

©Edna L. Ingram      * Quote from the late beloved Mary Oler.


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