The Basic Principles of Government and Freedom

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An objective look at our nation’s present system of the government caring for the poor reveals that it is has evolved into government subsidized poverty and is contributing to the moral decay and financial ruin of our nation.

 Since we, as a nation, have adopted the philosophy of turning our individual responsibilities over to the government, we have not only given the government the responsibility of caring for the poor, but we have given the government control over our children through the public school system, over our retirement through Social Security, over health care for our elderly through Medicare and we are now considering giving government complete control of the entire health care system for our nation. We have literally become a “ Nanny State ”, crying to the government to provide the things God instructed us to provide for ourselves and our families.

We should consider the fact that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. One cannot be surrendered without losing the other. The more of our individual responsibilities we give to the government, the more of our individual liberties we give away as well.

Throughout history, governments have used public assistance programs as a means to enslave and control. Just like a deer responding to the offer of free corn from a deer feeder in the woods, few people can resist when the government offers more and more “free services” to more and more people. But we would do well to consider the consequences. When a deer feeder is placed in the woods, it may appear that the motive is to care for the deer, but usually the motive is to control the deer with the intent of hanging the deer’s head on the wall and its meat in the freezer.

The long- term result of public assistance programs is really not much different. Though the motives and intentions of those who promote public assistance programs may be honest and good, history reveals that the more government control that is exercised over individual responsibilities the more freedom is taken from the individual as well. It results in more and more people becoming dependent upon the government and thereby giving up more and more of their freedom. The inevitable result is socialism, and according to the words of Karl Marx in his “Communist Manifesto”, “Socialism the bridge that leads from capitalism to Communism.

To change this system of self-destruction we must change our philosophy and return to the basic, time tested principles which are set forth in God’s Word. If we want to continue, as a nation, to enjoy our individual freedoms, we must return, as a nation, to a philosophy of accepting our God-given individual responsibilities. We are still a government of the people and our government’s policies are a reflection of our individual philosophies.

The system will only be changed when we impress the basic principles of freedom and responsibility upon our children and upon the people of our nation. The most patriotic thing we can do is preach the Word of God and the principles from His Word which will exalt a nation. May God bless us in this endeavor.

-Wendell Ingram


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