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1973 Was A Very “Cloudy” Year In America, (But Not In Weather Terms!)

If you had been in a coma in the years preceding 1973, and had not heard the arguments of the courts or seen news clippings, and had awakened after the US Supreme court legalized abortion, you would have been shocked… and thought you were in another country other than our beloved United States of America!

Maybe 2012-16 will be the time that this horrible holocaust will stop. Many of us hope and pray that this will come to an end. This catastrophe did not happen overnight. It happened over a long period of time.

I wonder what causes us to be so ignorant  (from the word ‘ignore’)  that to redefine an act and call it by some other word, makes it more acceptable to us. We can think of other acts that are redefined and called by more ‘acceptable’ terms. 

 It is a very sad situation when little unborn babies are not included within the protection of the Fourteenth Amendment!  People changed our language and instead of calling it “killing our little unborn babies,” they call it abortion ( a medical term) and we got conditioned to the arguments a small bit at a time over the years and then when it happened, not many got too concerned about it. What a situation we have gotten ourselves into!


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