Glorified Divorces and Broken Families

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To me, there is no sadder situation than a family broken by divorce. It was along about the 1960’s that television shows were being written that made it look sharp and up to date to be divorced or widowed and the women or men in the families struggling to raise a family alone or the mixed family.  Remember them?  The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, My Three Sons and from there even today, dozens of them are aired, some not quite as moral as these.

What had happened to “The Donna Reed Show” Father Knows Best”  and “Leave It to Beaver.”  Almost every one of those shows incorporated some moral situation solved that left you with a sense of morality and integrity.  To illustrate how far from the morals of that day we have distanced ourselves as a nation, just listen to the ridicule of those old television shows in the media today!  I believe they played an important role in our culture during those years. 

I believe also, that the filthy, immoral, disrespectful, broken family shows of today play a role in our society.  The entertainment industry has glorified the single parent family, but where is the glory when children grow up into confused adults with different life styles, as society calls it?  Where is the glory in the real life situations of little children we see every day who are in the process of having their home broken up?  Our God and Creator ordained that every child have a mother and father in the home.

No broken home is a normal home, no matter how well they have managed.  Our home was a broken home by death, the year I turned three.  I cannot remember the heartache part of that, but I do know that death is kind compared to divorce in a family and has only a percentage of the heartache and grief that a family and children have that are in a family broken by divorce.  No one can know the grief of a little child when a daddy or mommy, decides he/she is going away and just disappears out of their lives.  Another tragic thing about it is the children sometimes grow up to be the same kind of parents. The most tragic thing of all is when the grandparents, for one reason or another, encourage this kind of thing, instead of letting the couple  work it out themselves! 

No, it doesn’t take a village. It takes parents who are committed to one another and to their children, who hang together through the bad times and the good times…knowing that if given time… “this too shall pass.” 

 We do not need villages or governments to do the job of parenting and making decisions for our families. They have their places in our lives but not that place! 


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