Expensive Tape And Other Things

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We had a roll of tape once…and it was the best tape for any thing you wanted to use it for. So I used it for everything…stuck it on everything that needed tape stuck on it.

When it ran out and we put that kind of tape on our shopping list, I was appalled when we looked it up in the store. It was quite expensive for just a roll of tape….so much so that I just bought some Scotch brand clear adhesive tape. I guess I had forgotten how much it had cost. If I had known the good tape was that expensive, I’d have been much more careful in how I treated it.

There was a young boy who played ball and was a great ball player. He learned in Bible class one day that he should not put baseball before Christ and that if every ball player who claimed to be a Christian would be determined to do that…the school would not have a full team and would have to refrain from having games on ‘church’ nights. He was determined, but…his dad told him: “You can’t let your team down!”

The means that God used to secure us in Christ was very expensive and precious! If we just realized how much so…maybe we would be more careful in how we ‘use’ Him…like respecting His Day and not putting sports, company, rodeos, vacations, etc., before Him, and not using His precious Name in vain. Maybe we forget how much the cost was.

Unlike the lowly ol’ tape in the above paragraph…He doesn’t get used up and He doesn’t give up on us. We need to secure ourselves to Him through obedience to His Word, the Bible and stay close to Him. He is deserving of praise, honor, love, devotion and worth every minute of our lives that we live for Him.


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