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One of my friends went out one night to check on something and the door locked behind her. She couldn’t get her son or husband to hear her as she almost knocked the windows out by their bedrooms  pecking on it and screaming at them.  She finally had to get in the car to sleep and said the mosquitoes were about to eat her up…..

My story isn’t that scary…but it was pretty dramatic (to me).  About 5 years ago, Bobby was going to a baseball game and I went outside with him as he left.  Our grandkids were in college so they were not playing, or I’d have gone with him.

I decided to go outside as Bobby left and didn’t realize he had already locked the doorknob as he went out. So when I pulled the door to behind me it was locked. No problem at all if I’d had something to read…I could have sat on the porch swing until he returned…but no, there was nothing to do.  I was desperate to get back in.  I remembered the bathroom window was unlocked. 

There was a wooden box game (about 3 inches tall) that Bobby had built standing on the ground and I climbed upon it and opened the window.  Crawled in head first…and as far as I could reach with my hands it was still about 2 feet to the floor.  I was afraid I’d break something if I just fell in…so I raised up, with great difficulty and got myself back out.

I found a 5 gallon bucket out back that we pick the garden in, so I got it and got back in the window to place it where I could put my hands on and get in without having to fall so far.  Yep, the bucket turned over and rolled out of my reach!  I got back out of the window, again with great difficulty and looked for a hoe, rake or something. 

I climbed back on the wooden box, stuck the hoe through the window and with great difficulty got the bail of the bucket through it.  It took several tries as you can imagine but I finally got the bucket turned up and put the hoe down and put my hands on the bucket and just kinda fell in.  Oh, did I mention this was all with great difficulty?

Wow!  I was back home!  This all took almost an hour…And that is why I wear my house key around my neck! 

My grandkids  want me to go through this again so they can video it.    Not gonna happen! They laugh every time they see the key I’m wearing!!!


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