A Unique Gift

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This is the one of the most beautiful things Bobby has ever carved.   Not just for the beauty and artistic talent, but the sentimental value too.  The hearts have our grandchildren’s birthstones imbedded in them.  The color of the wood represents the color of their hair.  blonde, brown (walnut) and red ( red cedar wood)

Also the piece of wood they are attached to, is from a pier under the first house we purchased in Oklahoma. It was an old house and was the first modern house in this town.  I knew the people who lived in it when I was only seven years old.  My grandmother lived across the street. We had it torn down eventually and had another house moved in.  Bobby kept one of the old Bois D’arc (Osage Orange tree)piers and he carves things from it occasionally.   Now we live across the street from that pecan tree again. lol

Bobby’s dad walked down the street by the house and the pecan tree on his way to school in 1909 and the old pecan tree is still there and still bearing. 




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