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Wendell and Cara Lynn had hard candy in their mouths.  Can you tell? 🙂

Spend some time with your kids…lots of time.   If you do, it will do you and them good through all time and beyond. When children grow up and face difficult decisions:   I. Some will make decisions too fast and later regret them. 2. Some spend time thinking about it…but then end up making the wrong decision. 3. Some have no idea what a wise decision is.  4.  Some gather advice from people who themselves, consistently make bad decisions.  5. Then there are the blessed ones..The ones who had a wise father and got to spend many hours in different settings, surroundings, and circumstances and gained a wealth of intuition without even knowing it until they have grown up.

To be able to say or think, “How would Dad have handled this” and knowing in your heart how he would have, is a blessing indeed and every child needs this resource when they are grown.  Instead of being concerned about making money and a better living…we need to be concerned about making a better life…for ourselves and for our offspring.  -Edna Ingram


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