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It’s strange how our world is today. We murder our innocent babies and call it abortion. We can do that legally, but we’d better not shoot a bald eagle or even be found with one of their eggs, and you’d better not be found with a bald eagle feather.

We pamper our criminals in prison….and limit the freedoms of our citizens. We nurse our babies in the back room in private (something that can be done discreetly even in public, and is natural and God-ordained) ….but then wear indecent clothing (in the name of fashion) at parties and weddings that shows more than we should. We can curse the name of our Creator….but we better not be found praying to Him.

 We have quit teaching the truth about our national history in schools…and have to be very careful about where we pledge allegiance to our national flag. Yes, our world is strange today and I don’t think God likes it that way. What do you think?


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