Little Straggler and a Spiritual Application

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We  really enjoy the hummingbirds in the summer. We mix 4 parts water to 1 part sugar and they really go after it. Sometimes we have 20 swarming around and we had to get a couple more feeders last year. The bottom picture shows our last little hummingbird. They are usually all gone at this time of year.

The others left about 2 weeks ago. Hey, it’s almost November. Some experts say to quit putting feed out so they will leave. We don’t have the heart to do that. Others say they have an internal clock given by our and their Creator. I tend to agree with the latter.

 He can probably make it home in 3 days, maybe sooner as fast as they fly. Their wings go so fast they can hover in the air like a helicopter. There are different plants and flowers all the way south for them to get their nectar and I bet they know it better than we do.

I venture to guess this little guy knows what he is doing. I really hope he starts back home soon though. I guess he thought he’d chill out on the way home…and he probably will but I bet he makes it.

Another thought…on a spiritual level: Many become Christians while they are young and have the opportunity to live their whole lives for God…many do not learn of Christ and His church until they are advanced in age…(stragglers) but they are just as saved and the reward is the same as the early ones…(Matthew 20:1-16) and if they remain faithful, they will make it to heaven, just like this little straggler will make it back to his homeland from whence he came. -Written in October, 2007


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