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Wendell and Kathy and Family: Angela…Tiffany and husband, Beau… Shanelle, wife of Daniel…and Daniel

We used to have a large gas heater that had been in a fire and didn’t look too good, but it really gave out the heat, so we had kept it.  We put it in the utility room.  The warmth from that old stove eventually warmed the whole house…but it really felt good to stand right in front of it when the rest of the house was so cold.

This is similar to the way Christianity is.  Have you seen it in action lately?  Christianity is in homes and if the love of it does not radiate from our own homes and to our own family members, then it is not love and it is not Christianity!

In our homes, Christian love warms the heart, is patient, seeks the good of the other family members…is concerned about the emotions and feelings of the others and then radiates out to the outside world.  It will cause our children to want it in their lives and homes when they grow up. 

How do congregations grow cold and cease to be effective in doing the Lord’s work? You will see it in the families.   Maybe one or two families will not affect the church to a great degree, but if the families are not treating each other the way God wants them to, it will eventually affect the church as a whole.  How is your family doing?         

©Edna L Ingram, Christian Bible Teacher Magazine August 1994.


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