Through the generations….

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We have this plant that was given to us by a relative who got it from another relative that she had received from a relative now deceased, who had received it from another relative then deceased, who had said the start came from her great -great grandmother.  I know these people and I don’t doubt the story at all.  The story though, would be easy to make up and spread on throughout the generations.

This reminds me of the one church we can read about in the new Testament and can read about it being prophesied all through the Old Testament.  In the New Testament Jesus said He would build it…and He called it “My” church (singular). (Matthew 16:17-18)  Down through the generations though, groups have sprung up and almost every religious organization claims to be that church…but think about it. Can 33,000 different groups who all teach something different be that one church that Jesus built?  Since the Bible teaches there is only one, we need to study diligently.

We don’t have to wonder.  God in His wisdom knew that divisions would come.  He warned about them in 1 Timothy, chapter 4 and he describes some of the falling away.  Some of these later human-made churches were trying to get back to the original pattern, but they stopped short of their goal.

God made it clear in his Word that there is only one Way and if we study, we can find it.  From how to get into the church that Jesus built, how to worship in Spirit and in Truth and when to meet together…and how to stay faithful unto death…Revelation 2;10, so that we can be in heaven eternally.

I wish that we could say that in this true church we are talking about, that there were never any divisions…but down through the years divisions have come. The true church is still in existence though and can still be found.  The Bible says that divisions would come from those among us also, and it is still happening today.  But that is no excuse for us to not search out the true church that Jesus built and become a member of it and live faithfully.  That is the only way the Bible gives.   Luke 1:32-33    

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