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Wendell & Cara Lynn, ages 12 and 10.


Did you ever receive a gift from someone and the manner in which they gave it made you feel unhappy every time you looked at it? I once received a gift in that manner and I placed it up on a shelf, really intending to use it, but every day when I looked at it…I felt so sad. I could not forget the remark that was made as I was unwrapping it. It took the joy of using the gift away. It makes a person wonder if they gave you the gift just so they could get in a little ‘dig’. Probably not. The thoughts just come into our minds and we spurt them out without thinking. I finally just gave it away to someone who could enjoy it.

We were given a gift by our son and daughter on our 25th wedding anniversary. It was a silver platter with engraving on it. It was so beautiful and someone (not our children, or my DH) made a remark that was unnecesary and it would have been so much better left unsaid. I can’t part with that gift of course, but when I look at it, then too, comes the memory of that thoughtless remark. I can overlook it in this case though, because of the great love our children have for us in giving the gift.

I was thinking today of the gift of God’s Son, Jesus, and the ability that gift has to take all our sins away, if we will obey Him. (Psalm 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.) (KJV) There are a lot of sad thoughts and memories attached to it. He laid His life down willingly though, and there was so much love in that sacrifice that it is easy to forget the bad and just meditate on his great love for us.

I hope I have not ruined a gift for someone…especially this one…by remarks I have made. I hope I have learned to think before I speak and I just hope and pray that I will remember to think first.

I have a quote written in the back of a photo album: “Take care also, most diligently, to avoid those things in yourself which commonly displease you in others.” -Thomas A. Kempis

Isn’t this what the Bible is talking about in Romans 1:1? Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

Our son’s advice in the ‘Senior Scope’ to underclassmen when he graduated from highschool was: “Observe and learn from other people’s mistakes, so you won’t have to make all of them yourself.”  Pretty good advice for me today!  -Edna L. Ingram 


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