The Music God Authorized For His Church.

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Bobby was whistling a tune today for Baby Bird.  The song went this way:  “Today I started loving you again.  I got over you just long enough to let my heart-ache mend…and then today I started loving you again.”   When he quit whistling, Baby Bird started and…amazingly, he hit enough of the notes that we knew he had been listening. So cute!

I’m certain that if Baby Bird had been hearing the song sung with musical instruments, that he would not have learned the tune that well…he would have been too distracted with all the different sounds.

It made me think of the music God authorized in the New Testament: Singing.  And how maybe it’s the reason that it’s the only music authorized for the church to use and how other things would distract from the simplicity in worship and praise to Him…and would make teaching in song difficult….just musing on that this afternoon and how people try to change what God has ordained. We don’t know why God just authorized singing in the New Testament Era…He didn’t tell us why.  We just need to do it and worship Him like He stated.

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