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Everyday in our yard there are lots of activities that go on unnoticed by human eyes. One that almost escaped our attention was a lowly earthworm being picked out of the ground by a mockingbird.

The bird had the worm about half way out of the ground and was still tugging on it when we left.  I know it is natural for the little robins and mockingbirds to eat the worms and to feed them to their baby birds, but it made me feel sorry for the worm.   We didn’t linger long to see what happened, but later I began to think about how the earthworm must be at the bottom of the heap in God’s creations.

But still…. think how important the earthworm is in the ecology of the earth. Its importance is seen in the breakdown or decomposition of matter. If that process didn’t happen continually…nothing would ever go back to the dust…and think of the putrefying odor that would be constant. It would be unbearable I can imagine.

One of its most valuable attributes is in the garden or flower bed. If a little cornmeal or other similar edible material is added to the soil, it will attract earth worms and you will have a great source of aeration and loosening of the earth around the growing things.

This all started me wondering if God sees us like the earth worm. I know He loves us more than that….because He says we are more valuable than the birds of the air, but He is so great, does he see us like we see the earthworms?

We, mankind in general, are so self focused at times that we think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think and think we are so self-sufficient and yet at other times, we feel that we can’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

The birds, earthworms and other big and little creatures go about doing the things that God put them here to do. We human beings are the only creatures that can think and reason well enough to decide if we are going to do the things we were put here to do. And many times we reason that we are not going to do it. What a tragedy!

One of the things we reason is in the area of teaching someone the gospel and it seems so hard to even bring it up in a conversation with some of our dearest loved ones and friends whom we know are lost unless they change their ways.

Someone very dear to me once gave the example (by his actions) of how to do this effectively. A dear friend was visiting and the question was simply asked, “Monica”, (not her real name) ‘How is your spiritual life?”

Now that is a question that could be asked of anyone and it is virtually inoffensive, but very thought-provoking. It can help determine if they are interested in discussing it further. Even a strong faithful Christian would hesitate to say: “Just great!”

So it is not a conversation stopper like some of the things we usually say. There are many other things we were put on earth to do that we sometimes decide by our actions that we simply are not going to do.


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