Day: September 11, 2011


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Some one dear to us was planning on putting corn in the freezer. She had always blanched it and cooled it first. Some of her friends told her to just leave it in the shulks and freeze it that way. It saves time and is just as good, and works for okra too, they told her.

She tried that on a few of them and about 3 weeks later her daughter fixed some of it. It had a bad whang to it and they could not eat it. The canning and freezing books say that the enzymes need to be stopped by boiling water in order to capture the freshness before being frozen. She will probably go back to blanching it, because you can keep it as long as two years or more and it is still good. It’s worth the time and work to have a quality product.

God loaned us very quality products when our little precious babies were born into our families. They are as pure as they can be when they are born. It is worth the time and effort to see that we give them back to Him as quality products. Yes, it takes extra effort…much, much effort. It takes extra effort trying to be… ourselves what God wants us to be, so they have a good example in a mother and daddy.

It takes much extra effort also, to raise a good child up to be faithful. Just raising them up to be morally right is not enough. It takes extra effort to get everyone up early on the Lord’s Day to make sure we are where we are supposed to be and on time. This should begin on Saturday….no staying up late….no doing something that makes us too tired to go…so that we are at our best for God.

It also takes effort to make sure that our children are not in wrong company during their growing up years. Peer pressure is out there and it is very real! It takes a lot of effort to teach them to not give in to peer pressure in their growing up years. It is not easy to resist…even for adults.  Jesus didn’t use a short cut to redeem us and neither can we in training our children. No such shortcuts exist…we either train them for God or we don’t.

We also need to give them lots of affection so that their emotional and mental health is not impaired. Train them to drink deeply of the Water of Life and they will never want to refresh themselves at stagnant waters. God wants a quality product when they come back to Him!


A Whopper Of A Financial Deal

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When our grandchildren were this age, in fact it was in the fall right before this ‘Christmas Cookie’ scene, I made them a financial deal.

We had a big Magnolia tree in our yard and it made lots of the little burrs. There were many on the ground, and I told them if they wanted to pick them up I would pay them a nickel each for everyone they picked up. Oh yes! They were thrilled. I thought it would give them something to do out in the fresh air for at least 30 minutes.

I got them each a huge plastic bag each and they set to work. I watched a few seconds and then went back into the house. In about 5 minutes they came in and said they were through!!!

It took us longer to count them than it did for them to pick them up. Altogether they had picked up 620 burrs. They got every one of them. It came to $31.00 divided among them. The youngest one Daniel, gathered the least and they added up to 196, which was $9.80 for him, which would have been $117.60 an hour. Angela and Tiffany got over 200 each.  It was a lot of fun and made a wonderful memory.

Note: The Magnolia tree didn’t bloom much the first few year we lived there. I’ve heard that a remedy for that is to beat the trunk with a ball bat or broom handle. We never tried that but when our son and his family moved here and the grandchildren started climbing and playing in that tree…it started blooming profusely every year. I guess children playing in a tree is tantamount to beating it. LOL