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I am so thankful that God gave us memory. Our memories will be (are) so comforting in our old age.

One night right before church started, I was visiting with someone on my left…and I felt someone sit down beside me on my right. Little kids from my Bible class did that often, so I didn’t think too much about it…and I kept talking with the woman on my left,

A woman behind me pecked me on the shoulder (our children’s first grade teacher) and said: “He hasn’t sat by you in a long time.” …meaning when he was a little boy. I looked and it was Wendell. He had come in from Texas and that was the one time that we were not expecting him. Wonderful memory.

Memory about our daughter:   One day I was telling her what a woman told me about our two kids and I learned a great lesson from my daughter that day. (Why do young people sometimes have more wisdom than we do???) This woman told me that “your kids grew up just like you trained them.” She was lamenting some of her’s…and when I told my daughter what she had said,  she quietly said: “Her’s did too!”

I was “taken aback”  when she first said that…but she was right. We are training them one way or another all the time they are growing up. I had never thought of that until she made that statement… But…it is only by God’s grace that our’s did. He defeated us in the things that would have been detrimental to our family and we were too ignorant to know that it would. We praise Him for that! Prayer, prayer, prayer…is the reason!


Wendell and grandson chillin’ out, 2011.

                                                                                                                        Cara Lynn reading to her nieces and nephew on  way to Branson,1988.


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