Christian Sisterhood

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Autumn is such a sweet/sad beautiful time of the year. The trees are going dormant, leaves are changing into beautiful colors and other things are dying. Statistics show that more people die in the fall of the year when the sap is going back down in the maple trees. I know in the obituaries in our daily paper for October, November and December, this fact is proven out.

I look at these beautiful trees and the golden leafed ones are breathtakingly beautiful. They look like golden lace among the other trees and I realize that they would not be so beautiful out standing by themselves. They would look more fragile. It is all of them together that makes them so lovely.

We took these pictures of the beautiful colors of the foliage and as we drove along, I thought about the Christian sisters that I have and love so dearly in the church. Standing alone, we would not be as strong, beautiful or as effective as we are in a sisterhood. I think this is why God set the church up as a family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. None of us were added to His church to stand alone!    

-Edna L.Scott Ingram, written after Thanksgiving in 2006.


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