Day: August 26, 2011

Heritage Of The Lord (Psalm 127:3)

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A child is born and Mom and Dad

Are happy as can be;

And for a while their hearts are turned

To God so gratefully.

The little fingers grip your hand

And the smile just melts your heart.

They want to train him up for God

And now’s the time to start.

Their hearts are touched,

Their plans are made…

“Now you just wait and see!

We’ll train this little one for God,

He’ll be the best that he can be!”

But then forgotten is the Lord

As days turn into years;

And gradually the joy they held

Has turned to bitter tears.

How much gladness can there be

When grown, your girl or boy,

The tears you’ve shed on their behalf

Are mostly tears of joy!

Because you’ve shown to them a God

Who cares for them each day;

And only wants the best for us

Ev’n though we’re made of clay.

So let us please consider

The time when they’ll be grown;

And give to them a life on earth

That leads to a heavenly home.

© Edna L. Ingram