Day: August 24, 2011


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(Not the house mentioned in the poem)


I passed by a house the other day.

A beautiful brick house

Set back among trees…

Barely visible from the road.

It seemed so quiet there.

The very essence of peace

Seemed to prevail over the property.

And yet…

There was strife in that home.

A home

Once united in Christ,

But having found the way too difficult

And the cost too high…

Have renounced Him

By their actions;

And gone their own busy ways.

And the children….

Growing up in that home…

What chance do they have

Of finding a faith in things above?

A family too busy…

For God to have a place

Have gone their own separate ways

Without Him!

How very, very senseless…

And how sad!

©Edna L. Ingram, 1986



Who Died?

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Just imagine that someone very close to you died…and the day of their funeral, you decided you were tired and would just sleep in that day and skip the funeral or maybe you had taken a job and had to work that day or maybe company came and you stayed home with them. Do you think that decision would persuade anyone that you were really close to that person…or that you even cared for them at all?

Well,Someone did die…and that Someone did it because He loved us so very much that He gave up, not only His life, but also His equality with God, (Philippians 2:5-8) to be our Savior and take our sins away on that cross (if we obey Him.)

Many do not even accept Him and obey Him…but many who do, eventually let their dedication slide and when the church meets together they cannot be depended on to be there. Jesus will be there…every time the church meets.   Matthew 18:20:  “… For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

Just to put it in perspective as much as humanly possible…imagine that it is one of your parents’ memorial service, or your baby’s…Would you skip the funeral?

We are told, yea commanded….to love God even more than we love our family. (Matthew 10:37) People wonder why their children fall away when they are grown up. Our children need to see that the kingdom of God is our greatest concern in life…then when they grow up it will be their greatest concern too…if they are trained in the way they should go. Proverbs 22:6

Note: Motivated by one of Cara Lynn’s wise sayings, back in the 1980’s, before she passed away in ’90.

God’s Marvelous Creation

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 God spoke light into existence. He created the world and He separated the waters from the dry ground and He called the dry ground “earth”.

He stacked up tall mountains and He scooped out great valleys. He created the trees and all the good vegetables and the lovely  flowers. He spread the grass around upon the surface of the earth and then He sprinkled the stars into galaxy after galaxy.

He created the sun and the moon and He commanded the seasons of the year to not cease, so they will be here as long as the earth stands. He created great fish and little fish and put them in their place. He made the fowls of the air and they fly above us in God’s great majesty of the space that He created…and we marvel at them.

He made all the animals and the creatures that crawl upon the ground and…finally He made man. And man got so smart sometime later…in his own earthly wisdom, that he said: “There is no God.” Ironic, isn’t it? Only a spiritually blind man would even dare to say that.  -Edna L. Ingram