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Sometimes Bobby and I like to get out and drive around in the country on old roads where we used to travel and live. It brings back lots of memories…some good, some bad.

 You know, we need to travel the old paths spiritually also. Those paths (New Testament, Covenant for today)  brings back memories also.  One of the bad memories and one that tears at my heart, is our Savior being so mistreated, for our sake!

There is no worse mis-treatment for Christ today…  than for people to scorn His church that He died for, and to start or to recognize by our allegience, a group that was started by mere man and ignore the one He died for. There are hundreds of them today in the United States alone.  

The good memories are the great love He had for us… and what He did for us before we knew HIm… and the church that His blood bought… that we can read about in the Bible. (Book of Acts…Read about its beginning).


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