Day: August 19, 2011

Consider The Birds

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Have you ever taken the time to “consider the birds of the air” as Jesus told his disciples to do in Matthew 6:26? A few days ago, I woke at 5:30 in the morning. It was one of those mornings after a light rain during the night. I got up just as it was breaking daylight and something caught my attention…it was the sound of all the birds singing. It is a sound that I have heard many times before, but for some reason it caught my attention on this particular morning.

I got up and got my coffee and walked out on the front porch and just listened. At first it sounded like senseless chatter, but as I listened closely, I could distinguish the sounds of the different birds. Several mocking birds and scissortails were singing in the trees around the house. The sparrows and finches were chirping. The hummingbirds squeaked as they buzzed in the top of the Mimosa tree.

I could hear the distinct sound of the field larks out in the pasture. There was the occasional call of the bobwhite quail and the coo of the doves on the nest., the chuckle of the woodpeckers in the timber and the caw of the crows in the distance, each playing their part in this great symphony.  As I listened to these sounds that I have so often taken for granted, I remembered the words of an old familiar song:

This is my Father’s world,

And to my listening ear,

All nature sings and round me rings

The music of the spheres.

This is my Father’s world,

The birds their carols raise,

The morning light, the lily white,

Declare their Makers’ praise.

It is no wonder that the sound of birds singing is said to be therapeutic. It is a sound that declares:

“There is a God, He is in control and all is well.”   –Wendell Ingram




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If you were guessing what this picture is before you looked at the one below, you’d probably guess it to be a beginner’s knitting project…or someone’s worn gold carpet. LOL This sunflower came up from one of the seeds that we feed the little wild birds in our back yard. When I first saw the plant it had the personality of a cocklebur and I started to hoe it down. I’m glad I didn’t because….

I learned something from our lone sunflower that I didn’t know. I’ve never watched a sunflower grow from day-to-day, but we found out that each sunflower seed coming on has its own little flower. That’s what this is a picture of. I set the digital camera on ‘portrait’ and got up in its face (lol) and took a picture so the little flowerets would show up.

There’s something of God’s creation to learn every day! This family of sunflower seeds is like the human family. As we grow older, we wilt and fade away (die) and little ones (the greats and the great greats) are born into the family to take our place.

While this is all happening, it all seems like slow motion to us but as we get older, we can see that it happened very fast. The Bible tells us this but we seem to just read it and don’t think too much about it…until later. James 4:14 “…What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Job 7:6 “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle.”

Since our life span is so fleeting…we should be the very best influence to our families that we can possibly be, but that should be the secondary motive. The first should be our desire to be pleasing to God and then we will satisfy the secondary……..

Each little sunflower seed has its own bloom.