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A little boy said, “Mommy,

Come read me a story or two;

And sit here beside me…

And teach me to tie my shoe.”


But she said, “Son, I am already late

For the Single Parents’ Club;

I really have to go and learn

How to take care of you.”


He was too young to realize

There was no logic there

But a tear ran down his little cheek

‘Cause he thought she didn’t care.


“I will drop you off at the ‘Center’

And the ‘sitter’ will read to you;

And maybe she will have the time

To teach you to tie your shoe.”


The sad part of this story

Is not so hard to see;

When you multiply this little child…

By four million and thirty-three!

©Edna L. Ingram       

(I wasn’t a single parent… but it is only by God’s grace that our children were not left in the care of others.  Not because we were such great parents…(If you heard all of our experences…you’d think we were pretty dumb parents at times….but because we prayed from day one that we’d raise them up for Him…and He had to strike us down in various ways to achieve that.  Tough love from God  🙂        We  can count on one hand the times we left them in someone else’s care before they started to school at age 6 (and we don’t even use all 5 fingers to count!!  We can think of 3 times and one of them was for me to go and give birth to the second one…but I would say not over 4 times.   This includes the time for both of them.  If you are leaving your children with someone to the point that they are as close to them as to you…you are making a big mistake!


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