Patriotism: It’s more than doing something…sometimes it involves not doing something.

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Patriotism is more than doing something…Sometimes it involves NOT doing something. During World War II, Bobby’s cousin was teasing her husband about being drafted and what she would do if he was.

Of course she was probably thinking he wouldn’t have to go because after all, he was married.  She was a big cut-up and still is. She is almost 90 now and has been a widow for several years.

When he did get drafted, Bobby’s uncle wrote a song and he entitled it, “My Man Is In The Army Now” but she never got to hear him sing it.  His family tried to get him to publish it, but he wouldn’t he was afraid it would hurt too many soldiers who had really experienced what the song was about, although he wrote it in jest just for her.  It is a cute song but I think Bobby is the only one in the family, who memorized it and still knows it.

Bobby sang it to his cousin, the woman it was written for (his oldest cousin still living, 89) not long ago…and she got a laugh out of it. After all these years, she didn’t even know their uncle had written it for her. Bobby sings it often in private, around the house still.

Sometimes it isn’t what we do that shows patrioism…it’s what we don’t do… that not many know about. I think his uncle did the right thing.

There is also a spiritual side of NOT doing something…like backbiting, gossip and other things that we tend to get involved in doing.

Bobby tells a story about a barber whom his customers had never heard him say a word against anyone…only good things. Perhaps you have heard this story:

One day there was a very wicked and hateful man of the community who passed away. All the men of the town wondered what the barber would say good about a guy who would live like that. They wandered down to the barber shop to see.

They stood around a while and finally one of them just asked him what he thought about the man. The barber thought for a minute and then said, “He sure was a good whistler!”

There are bad things about all of us as much as we hate to admit it sometimes…but there is also some good in every one of us. The question is…how long and hard would our friends have to search to find ours?


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