Little Ones Are Watching

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Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is His reward.
Psalm 127:3

When a little baby is born into the world, his parents’ time is taken up mostly with his physical needs. He mostly needs to be kept warm and dry and fed. He is constantly needing their time in many little ways and his spiritual needs seem to be summed up in simply giving him affection, during this time when his physical needs seem to consume so much of their time.
There is a time, however, when the child grows, and the physical need diminishes somewhat and the spiritual need increases. Many parents seem to be stuck here in the physical need syndrome and many neglect the spiritual training of their children. 

 February 17, 2009 The remainder of this article is self-condemning…………….

 If you have been around little children very much, you know how they are like little sponges, soaking up knowledge and influences very, very fast. They soak up good influence…but Alas! They also soak up bad ones too!

I will tell you a little story about being reprimanded by a four-year old. It takes you aback when a little one shows more wisdom and caring than you do

I had a friend who would call me on the telephone really often and she wouldn’t really have anything to say but would drone on and on until I’d finally have to tell her I had to go. I always had to be the one to end the conversation.

One day my two granddaughters were lying on the bed with me and I was reading them their favorite (and mine at the time) story about Raffy, a little giraffe.

I was in the middle of the story…and the telephone rang. I just ignored it and said: “Oh it is probably just _____________ so I’ll just call her back later.

I started reading again…and my four-year old granddaughter interrupted me and said in her quiet little voice: “Me-Ma, she might be needing you really bad.”

What I should have done was answer it and tell her the situation and say I would call her back later. My granddaughter doesn’t remember all that…thankfully, and hopefully good influence from me has overshadowed that one(?)time. (smile)

So….as parents and grandparents, we need to be careful. Our influence can be more powerful than we realize…and believe me they are watching…and listening.



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