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A few of the Borger singles: Back row: 1. forgot name, 2. Cara Lynn Ingram, 3. forgot name, 4. Kay Neel, Front row: 5. Seth Cunningham,  6. forgot name.  Some of these were among those who went to Hog Back and taught Vacation Bible School on the reservation.


Hello Elders,

Hello Deacons,

Here we are at

Hogback Mission.

Donald Wayne says

We’ll have a great time,

And we would if we could run the air conditioner!

We stopped at Gallup,

To get some dinner…

And Don had thought he’d

Picked a winner!

But Kristy’s wasn’t

It really wasn’t;

They serve Gag-0 burgers

By the dozen!

Later on when,

We were lost, We all were wondering,

Where’s our boss!

He had the pedal,

To the metal,

And Arizona was the place we’d have to settle.

We tried hard

Not to glower

While we waited

For the shower,

While in the lobby,

Don and Bobbie

Tried to sleep with kids who always wanted mommie.

So we borrowed

A mission van

To try and see just

What we can.

As a decision,

It wasn’t sound

So we waited , where we hoped we’d be found.

We decided

To go hiking

And found it was not,

To our liking.

Canyon De Chelly

Was quite a beauty,

But the hike back made us throw up on our bootie.

Now in closing

We’re supposing

We are glad that

We were chosen…

To meet these people,

We hold them dear…

And we’re planning to go back next year!

-The Borger Single’s Group from the Johnson Park church of Christ  (in the early 80’s) (At the time…Now they have combined with the other congregation.)



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