Day: August 6, 2011

Bad recipe for family life and for our nation

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One too-busy mom

One ‘Away From Home’ dad

Buy them little gifts often, to (try to) make up for the times you are away.

Teen and pre-teen kids left to themselves for periods of time.

Lack of respect shown from one mate to the other so their influence on the children is totally ruined.

Go to the church meetings only when you “feel good” or it is convenient for you and your family.

Dish up enough spare time for the kids to spend hours on internet or in front of TV (optional)

All the toys you can buy for them, so they don’t have to use their imagination to play.

Just a tad of discipline, but not enough to upset the kids

Yield: Any one or more can be omitted and the result will be the same. This recipe will be enough to wipe out the values from one to a dozen kids…and bring you a lifetime of grief.