Neglect And Decay

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Last spring we left a bucket on the deck and it sat in the same place for about 6 months. After months of neglect, I recently moved it and this Bermuda grass had grown up through the deck and molded itself to the bottom of the bucket and died.

I thought it made a unique picture and quite pretty really, but it reminded me of the neglect of other things. Actually it reminds me of our life span…the ‘dash’ between our birth date and our death date.

It also reminds me of how short a time we have to train our children. We can neglect our children’s spiritual and moral training and let the world mold them to its shape, and it is so easy to do, and the world is so willing to do it for us. Just doing nothing will accomplish it. Training children up rightly is hard work, but it is so very rewarding!

Doing this easy neglecting…. we can create different “shapes of adults” eventually. We can create drug addicts, alcoholics, dead beats, abusive mothers and fathers, selfish people, evil life styles and all kinds of shapes of people. But it isn’t pretty and it isn’t unique.  It is more the norm than unique.  How tragic, when it could have been so different!


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